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About us

Technology is our passion


Dear customer,
We love and live technology and take great pleasure in meeting your challenges.
We offer production solutions that meet your needs without compromise and inspire you.
We intensively follow market developments, anticipate future needs and thus provide you with a constant competitive advantage.
We create an open and fair corporate culture and thus enable our employees to develop creatively, take responsibility and achieve a high level of innovation.
We continuously invest in a modern infrastructure to ensure the required quality and precision of our products.

Anton Imoberdorf


The imoberdorf company was founded by Josef Imoberdorf in Grenchen / Solothurn in 1943.



With 65 employees, we ensure 100% professional competence.


Individual solutions worldwide

We have already implemented over 550 individual solutions.


Returning customers

Over 80% of our first customers buy at least one more imo machine.

Why with us?

Process competence

  • More than 80 years of process experience
  • 100% know how under one roof
  • CAD/CAM/finit elements/simulations
  • Test enviroment - imo-flex
  • Process and cutting tool specialists


  • Integration of new process steps
  • Continuous expansion of technology packages
  • Financing models
  • Energy efficiency (resource-saving)

Partner from A-Z

  • Machine construction - CNC and conventional
  • Process mapping
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Retrofit/Rebuilds
  • Spare parts

Machine building

  • Platforms
  • Machining units
  • Spindles, tool changer
  • Clamping system
  • Industry 4.0
  • In-process measurement
  • Miscellaneous current patents

What our butterfly represents


As with your project, each stage of the butterfly's development is crucial:

It all starts with an egg that corresponds to your idea. 
The egg develops into a caterpillar. It is at this point that we begin to identify and clarify your needs. In this way, the foundations of the concept come to life. 
The multiple moults of the caterpillar reflect the iterations necessary to reach the goal: To propose a solution that will arouse your enthusiasm. 
The caterpillar builds a silken cocoon and transforms into a butterfly pupa. It is time to start building the machine, your dreams. Piece by piece it will take shape to reach the desired maturity. 
The butterfly is ready to emerge from its cocoon and no words can truly describe this majestic result. Impressive, solid and precise, the machine is finally ready to begin a long and productive career.

Butterfly Schwaz, White, Yellow

Our history


80th anniversary

The company celebrates its 80th anniversary. The family business employs around 65 people.

Location imoberdorf

imoberdorf rotary transfer machines

Imoberdorf rotary transfer machines are equipped with imo-rot turning technology on a pallet basis for the first time.

imo-flex machine

imoberdorf rotary transfer machines

Imoberdorf rotary transfer machines are equipped for the first time with machining units with linear direct drive.

rotarty transfer machine

Takeover of the management

Anton Imoberdorf takes over the management from his father Markus Imoberdorf.

Anton Imoberdorf

Special machine construction

Incorporation of the Posalux special machinery division.

special machine construction

Move to the new company building

Move to the new company building in Oensingen / Switzerland.

Location imoberdorf

Construction of the first rotary transfer machine

Construction of the first rotary transfer machine MB-1 for the series production of watch components.

First rotary transfer machine

Foundation of imoberdorf AG

Foundation of imoberdorf AG by Josef Imoberdorf in Grenchen / Switzerland.

Josef Imoberdorf

Our team

Become part of the imoberdorf team

Do not miss this unique opportunity and start your career at imoberdorf AG.

Our quality standards

Our quality standards are of utmost importance to us. We strive to meet the highest requirements in terms of materials, manufacturing technologies and processes to ensure that our products and services meet the highest quality standards. We are committed to ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied with our products and services and are constantly working to improve our quality processes.


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Flexible solutions with high accuracy and dynamics

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