Safe into the future with imoberdorf AG customer service

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Tue 25 April 2023 04:00

After the successful commissioning and transfer of the machine into production at our customers, the work of the customer service begins. The core tasks include the sale of spare parts, support for customers in the event of malfunctions and the planning of service assignments. Analyses are carried out via remote access, faults are rectified and the operators are supported if necessary. In the extended telephone service, we also provide support outside office hours. We use current communication channels and platforms for data exchange. 

Another business area in customer service is the conversion and upgrading of existing machines at our customers. New products are produced on existing machines and the service life (life cycle) is extended by many years.

Report from the project "Re Use" runtime extension of a machine. An existing customer had requested to be able to operate his imo machines for another 10 years. The availability of spare parts for the remaining runtime played a central role. Together with the engineering and electrical software departments, all machine and control components were checked. All mechanical components were overhauled and the control system including software was upgraded to the current status. This ensured the quality, the availability of the machine and the availability of spare parts in the long term.

For us in customer service, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We rise to every challenge and look forward to every contact we have with our customers. Excellent service results in satisfied customers and thus becomes a central element of value creation.